Friday, March 13, 2009

72 Tacos: The bomb?

Taqueria La Bamba in Mountain View, CA was probably named for the song "La Bamba." You may think "la bamba" means "the bomb." If you do, then you are terribly, terribly wrong. In reality, the translation of "la bamba" is something you would never guess: "the bamba." It's sort of similar to how "el niño" just means "the niño" (source: Chris Farley). Rather boring. It turns out that "bamba" is nothing more than the name of a dance. An incredibly silly dance that was designed for the sole purpose of giving you another way to humiliate yourself in public. The Spanish translation of "bomb," on the other hand, is "la bomba." Big difference.

"La bamba" or "la bomba?"

So what exactly is Taqueria La Bamba getting at with their name? We may never know. All I know is that "la bamba" belies the quality of their tacos. They are not silly or humiliating in any way. In fact, they're some of the best I have had yet - stuffed with the juicy, satisfying animal protein that we all love. A much better description would be "la bomba" - the bomb.

Here is the rundown.
4) Chile Colorado. Even the worst of the four was no slouch. The marinated beef chunks weren't quite as flavorful as the other meats, but they were tasty, and this taco was interesting in that it included some exotic toppings like rice. 7/10.
3) Carne asada. Flavorful grilled beef chunks with onions, cilantro, and hot sauce. Good stuff. 8/10.
2) Carnitas. "Carnitas" means "little meats," but there was nothing "ita" about this carne. The taco was loaded and bathed in hot sauce, and the meat was tender and tasty. 9/10.
1) Al pastor. Absolutely phenomenal. Succulent, slightly charred, fruity-tasting pork chunks with sauteed onions adding a nice finishing touch. 9.5/10.

There was nothing "ita" about this "carne."

4 tacos consumed.
72 total tacos this year.
Current pace: 365 tacos.

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